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In the year previous, enrollment increased by 2 percent for the city’s public schools, where charter school enrollment increased by 3.5 percent. Marriages more than 50 years old are considered public record and no approval is needed to apply for a record copy. Civil marriage records were created to legalize marital relationships and to protect the interests of the wife and other heirs to legal claims on property. Even though these indexes are very accurate they may still contain inaccuracies, such as altered spellings, misinterpretations, and optical character recognition errors if the information was scanned.
Use the birth date or age along with the place of birth of each partner to find a couple's birth records and parents' names.
Use the birth date or age along with the place of birth to find the family in census records. Occupations listed can lead you to other types of records such as employment or military records. Continue to search the marriage records to identify children, siblings, parents, and other relatives of the bride and groom who may have married in the same county or nearby. The information in marriage records is usually reliable, but depends upon the reliability of the informant. Earlier records may not contain as much information as the records created after the late 1800s.

There is also some variation in the information given from one marriage record to another record.
For a summary of this information see the wiki article: United States, How to Use the Records Summary (FamilySearch Historical Records).
Don't overlook FHL Keyword District of Columbia, Marriage Records items in the FamilySearch Library Catalog.
The citation for a record is available with each record in this collection, at the bottom of the record screen.
I'm looking through sold properties in Washington, and I found 1789 Lanier Pl NW #21, Washington, DC 20009. State Superintendent of Education Hosanna Mahaley said that auditors verified 31,562 students in the independently operated charter schools as of fall 2011, up from 29,356 in the fall of 2010, writes The Washington Post.
However, ultimate rights to view images on our website are granted by the record custodians.
Some marriage records had multiple entries on each page, while others had single records per page. 1950 (FHL Collection Film 2070925) These records may provide the name of the bride and groom, and their age, residence, color, occupation, birthplace and number of marriages.
These pieces of information may give you new biographical details that can lead you to other records about your ancestors.

We are looking for additional information that will help readers understand the topic and better use the available records. You can search records in this collection by visiting the search page for District of Columbia Marriages, 1811-1950.
You can browse through images in this collection by visiting the browse page for Alaska, Coroner's Inquests Records, 1908-1940. We also need translations for collection titles and images in articles about records written in languages other than English. Here you can find citations already created for the entire collection and for each individual record or image.
A catalog search for the District of Columbia provides a rich variety of available records. Marriage records were generally well preserved, although fires, floods, or other disasters may have destroyed some records.

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