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To the best of our knowledge, none have yet retracted their comments or apologised, with the exception of former Tory MP Louise Mensch.
Since the publication of the Heywood inquiry’s conclusions, Carmichael has conceded on BBC Radio 4 that had he still been Secretary of State for Scotland he would have had to resign as a result of its findings.
When Alex Salmond was standing down as First Minister Rennie very publicly and nastily urged Alex to “take Kenny MacAskill with him (you) when you go”.

Going by the MSM and reading between the lines, he had already blotted his copybook, albeit unintentionally via a newspaper recording scam, by denouncing the reneging on the tuition fees vow but I think the clincher was his part in securing the Edinburgh Agreement.
All this has taken place under the sleepful watch of the citizens who, thanks to usual recognisable means, i.e. As soon as the story was published, however, it was comprehensively and publicly denied by all parties – the First Minister, the ambassador and the Consul-General.

This is a massive distortion of the truth – the report states that the civil servant made an honest error in his account, recording what he believed to have been said.

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