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Then you can visit the office of the county clerk and ask the officials concerned to conduct a criminal arrest record search on the person.
You have the option to register with organizations, government agencies and private businesses that will help you to find out if someone has been arrested or has a criminal history for a fee. But, do remember that there are various records containing different information about a person and while searching for a person’s arrest record, there could be a chance that you miss out searching some important record that contains information on the person. There are various public record categories that will serve the purpose of checking criminal background and Online Public Police Records is a good starting point. As Public Police Records are public records, they can be accessed by anyone so long as requirements are complied with. As with other categories, Public Police Records come in free-of-charge (FOC) and paid versions.

There are many states that carry out searches for arrest records of a person.You need to choose the state in which you believe the person has a criminal history. At times, there could be arrest records going back to several years and the case must have been sealed by the judge.
Public measures are in place but we should still be taking precautions of our own constantly as people cannot be too careful when it comes to safeguarding their interests and those of their loved ones. As a result, there are variations from state to state on the treatment of Public Police Records but by and large, they all can be obtained directly from the police departments or other state agencies tasked with the function.
FOC records are mainly accessed from government agencies and tend to be characteristically entailed with bureaucracies and waiting period.
One form of due diligence is in the use of Public Records to check people out whenever we sense question marks.

There are people who wish to conduct a search for peoples criminal arrest records of their business partners so as to be sure that they are working with genuine and clean people. As an example, the use of Public Police Records in employment and volunteer screening is only permissible if consent from the subject to conduct the search is granted by them beforehand. Maybe your daughter intends to get married to her boyfriend and you would want to be sure of the person she is going to spend the rest of her life with and hence should atleast look for a person’s criminal arrest record.

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