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Most state governments have adopted similar laws describing what state records are available for public inspection. A number of private organizations have posted guides on the web to help reporters understand the different provisions of the Freedom of Information Act and how to file formal requests to access records. The committee published a comprehensive Citizen’s Guide on Using the Freedom of Information Act. Most states have adopted public records acts on disclosure of state and local goverment agency documents. The RCFP has an Open Government Guide with information on public records and open meetings laws in every state. The California Public Records Act (CPRA) is the main state law in California defining what state and local government records are open to public inspection. The First Amendment Coalition has a primer on the California Public Records Act and guides to other public records laws in California.

The First Amendment Project has a guide to using the California Pubilc Records Act and guides on other state laws on the public’s right to access government meetings and records. There also are pocket guides on the California Public Records Act, accessing court records, accessing government meetings, and state shield law protections for journalists. The California Attorney General’s Office has published a summary (pdf) of the California Public Records Act.
A website developed for the City of Oakland by Code for America that provides for electronic filing and tracking of public records act requests for city documents. You can look up the full text of the California Public Records Act at the state government’s California Law site. You’ll get a screen at which you can click through the sections of the California Public Records Act.
Freedom of Information Act defines what federal government records are available to the public.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is the main federal law defining what federal government records are open to public inspection. The site also has news items on the latest developments in public records access, including court decisions interpreting the CPRA. You also can view public records act requests made by others using the system (although not the names of the requestors).

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