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Public RecordsThe WRAL Public Records section provides citizens a powerful resource for locating and evaluating public records and other governmental information. Arrest records were previously stored at the court house and also provided to the federal government. Starting in 1967 the National Crime Information Center or NCIC came about and local and federal agencies were able to look up criminal arrest records across the country. Then you can visit the office of the county clerk and ask the officials concerned to conduct a criminal arrest record search on the person. You have the option to register with organizations, government agencies and private businesses that will help you to find out if someone has been arrested or has a criminal history for a fee. But, do remember that there are various records containing different information about a person and while searching for a person’s arrest record, there could be a chance that you miss out searching some important record that contains information on the person.

We believe that access to public information is a freedom that extends to everyone – not just to those who have the time, expertise and persistence to find it on their own. So even though you can search for records, in order to do a background search on someone, you need to have the individual’s authorization. There are many states that carry out searches for arrest records of a person.You need to choose the state in which you believe the person has a criminal history. At times, there could be arrest records going back to several years and the case must have been sealed by the judge. Public records are often difficult to locate, assemble and organize.Any person has the right to inspect, examine and get copies of public records. The NCIC database has records that show if a car is stolen or if the driver is wanted by police.

There are people who wish to conduct a search for peoples criminal arrest records of their business partners so as to be sure that they are working with genuine and clean people. If the fingerprints are associated with an arrest, the agency that took the fingerprints, date of the arrest and the charge are all on file. Maybe your daughter intends to get married to her boyfriend and you would want to be sure of the person she is going to spend the rest of her life with and hence should atleast look for a person’s criminal arrest record.
Using our Public Criminal Records software you will HOLD the key to accessing anyone's Criminal History, male or female, friend or foe, even your Boss!The download will have guaranteed no viruses or adware or spyware, whilst being extremely fast and reliable.This software gives you to view publicly anyone's criminal records you wish, even your own!

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