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As it happens, we can see this noble calling at work in a particular scene of Pryor’s 1976 film Silver Streak. Arthur Hiller was reluctant to work with Pryor—the comic’s reputation had preceded him, and Hiller was worried he’d be difficult. The scene in question occurs when Pryor’s character is trying to help get Wilder’s character safely past the various federal agents who are out in force looking for him.  He takes a can of shoe polish, a gaudy jacket, and a radio and tries to disguise this red-haired Jew as a black man. Mel Brooks wanted Pryor for Bart in Blazing Saddles but the studio balked because of Pryor’s drug use, so he only had a writing credit in what could have been his biggest starring role.

At the very least it should be treasured as one of a finite number of showcases for the great Marty Feldman, and in the back of my mind I wished that Feldman and Pryor had had a chance to work together.
His insights and description of how that scene evolved make me respect Richard Pryor even more, if that’s possible. All this is by way of saying that Richard Pryor is not a likeable man--and that I have it by his own words.
The problem with Richard Pryor is that he hasn't gained any insight or understanding of his life, even with all his troubled times and extended rehabillatory hospital stays for reflection on the error of his ways.

If I was going to die, I wanted a bitch there to cry."So the allure of the book is in reading about all the outrageous things Pryor has said and done. One irritating thing is that the book is written as Pryor speaks, as if it has been transcribed from tapes (which is entirely possible, given his condition).

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