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Property & Debt Distribution – Sets forth the division and distribution of all marital property. Risk – Confusion in the Classification of Certain Property and Debt as Marital Property (divisible by a court) versus Separate Property (not divisible in court) – Virginia law states that all property and debt acquired post-separation is to be classified as separate property (non-marital, non-divisible by a court). The last area is usually of the biggest concern in a Property Settlement Agreement – especially one that is signed without the benefit of formal discovery (the attorney-led and formalized process of collecting and reviewing documents and other information relevant to the case). Therefore, when all is said and done, if you are considering a divorce, or are in the process of getting a divorce, you might as well start with a settlement mentality and focus on reaching solutions to your divorce disputes that you both can live with before you engage in expensive and time-consuming litigation.
If you have any questions about what goes into drafting a Property Settlement Agreement and how Graine Mediation goes about settling divorce cases, call Robin Graine at 571-220-1998. If the other party prevails, this could affect a judge’s ruling with regard to property and debt distribution. It is usually best, therefore, for parties to clarify what they have, in terms of their property and debt, at the time of separation.

The key agreements and pertinent sections of the PSA are incorporated into the Final Order of Divorce (e.g.
That means that, after all the litigation strategy, motions, depositions, discovery, and very expensive legal wrangling, almost all divorcing couples end up settling their case without a trial.
This risk is somewhat “academic”, however, according to many divorce professionals in the Northern Virginia Area, as long as the person who physically moves out of the marital residence continues to provide financial support “back home”. To avoid often confusing, and sometimes very stressful situations later, parties are well-advised, once they have decided to separate, to determine, in detail, how and when their property and debt will be divided and distributed and what the values of their property, and balances on their debt instruments are, at the time of separation.
Also, and perhaps most concerning, fault-based divorces set in motion a defensive posture that ramps up the litigation and costs the parties dearly in terms of emotional strain and financial drain. It is also notable, however, that even though judges are required to classify post-separation assets and debts as separate (non-divisible) property, parties may choose to classify some or all of that post-separation property and debt as divisible marital property (as is the law in many other jurisdictions). The signed and notarized PSA is filed with court, along with several other divorce documents (including the Final Order of Divorce, aka Divorce Decree).

Without minor children, parties are permitted to get a divorce after only 6 months of separation as long as they have a signed Property Settlement Agreement. In essence, parties who have a signed PSA, during their period of separation, are operating under a contract; once those same parties are divorced, they are operating under both a contract and a court order (the Final Order of Divorce).
This lack of clarity is bad enough on its own; but it compounded by the fact that Virginia law specifies that all property and debt acquired post-separation is separate property (aka non-marital and, as a result, is not divisible by a court).

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