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Foreign investment funds have been flowing into Toronto commercial real estate for the past decade as International investors, pension funds and industry specialists hunt for secure investments that provide a safe rate of return. The record prices across all sectors have been driven by both market demand and historically low interest rates. Toronto real estate investors stated that a rise in higher rates will pose significant problems for both small family home investors to large Canadian real estate investment trusts (REITs), which have both benefited from the lowest interest rate environment in over 40 years. Any increase in interest rates will certainly have a downward effect on both residential and commercial properties as the increase will cause a rise in their monthly mortgage payments.  Toronto has experienced a huge rise in both residential and commercial real estate but there is a growing fear that the Toronto real estate market may be losing confidence in the face of rising interest rates over supply and decreasing demand from foreign investors.
Vancouver also set new records as 54% of single-family detached properties in the City of Vancouver were assessed at over $1-million or greater on July 1, 2012 which is a huge jump from 2009 when 66% of single family detached homes had assessments of under $1 million.

Over the past few year the flow of international real estate investment money has been shifting from Vancouver to Toronto as foreign investors and pension funds are seeking long term safety as one of the prime motivations for international investment. An impressive $13 billion worth of commercial deals were done in the Greater Toronto Area in 2012, according to the stats released last week by the notorious number crunchers at RealNet Canada.
Both the amount of activity and the value of the deals were enough to break GTA commercial property records.
RealNet recorded 1,984 asset sales of more than $1 million in 2012 for retail, industrial, offices and other commercial properties. The previous record of $3.9 billion which was set in the last quarter of 2006  was surpassed this quarter by over $1-billion setting a new record for Toronto real estate.

Both Toronto and Vancouver real estate investors anxiously anticipate the effect of the interest rates on the 3rd quarter which has been seen as weaker in historic terms.

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