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Confounding media stereotypes and public preconceptions, today's Prison Service offers a range of careers within an increasingly diverse and vibrant setting.
John Nicholson, Head of Staff Diversity at the Service, discrimination is more than a moral question; it is also a matter of hard-nosed business sense. John Nicholson has been in his post as Head of Staff Diversity for  over 18 months, but has visited several facilities to get a feel for the work of the Service 'on the ground'. As an equal opportunities employer HM Prison Service welcomes applications from people with a disability. Prison officers are the most visible members of the team, walking the landings talking to offenders and listening to what they have to say.

That's why every member of staff in a prison depends on the work of the next person, creating the sort of team spirit that would make most organisations envious. Everyone at the Service - not only prison officers - knows that what they do has a positive impact on offenders and society in general.
Treating offenders humanely in a secure and ordered environment, and giving them realistic alternatives to crime are the principal aims of the Prison Service. This brings immense satisfaction, not least when you know you've had a positive affect on a released prisoner, and perhaps reduced their risk of coming back. Neither of which is likely to convince you that prison is the place to find the rewarding career you're looking for.

Out of the classroom, prison officers often support offenders with issues they feel they can't talk to about anyone else - not even their families.

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