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Earlier this month, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a bill designed to save the state money and allow some people to salvage their lives by making it easier for prisoners who are no longer a threat to society to get out of prison on parole. The Michigan appeals court has ruled in favor of the state and dismissed a major class-action lawsuit by young prisoners who said guards failed to stop sexual assaults behind bars. There's no denying that state spending and budgets are stretched tight, and it's forcing a fresh look at the soaring costs of our prisons. Nearly two weeks ago, the legislature narrowly passed a bill to allow GEO, a for-profit multinational private company, to bring highly dangerous prisoners from other states to a facility it runs in the northern Lower Peninsula. Law enforcement officials gathered in Detroit Wednesday to encourage area employers to hire more former prisoners.
Michigan is slated to close three regional prison stores in Ionia, Jackson, and the Upper Peninsula. DETROIT - The Michigan Supreme Court has put the brakes on a lawsuit that accuses state prison officials of failing to prevent the sexual assault of male teen inmates.
This Week in Review, Jack Lessenberry and Rina Miller discuss Governor Rick Snyder’s air gun legislation veto, a new criminal justice commission, and legislation that forbids Michigan public university athletes from unionizing.

DETROIT - A lawmaker from western Michigan is leading an effort to possibly save millions of dollars in the criminal justice system. Bills that seek to reduce prison spending in Michigan seem to have momentum going into the last weeks of the Legislature’s 2014 session. PITTSFIELD TOWNSHIP – The Michigan Court of Appeals  has cleared the way for a class-action lawsuit by dozens of male guards who say they've been denied overtime and job assignments at the state's only prison for women.
For all Michigan prison contact phones, click on Michigan Prison Contacts – February 22, 2012. But Michigan lawmakers want to discourage one in particular: delivering contraband to state prison inmates.
This bill makes a vast amount of sense, and is being supported by responsible and intelligent conservatives like State Representative Kurt Heise of Plymouth Township, its Republican sponsor, and Governor Snyder.  Michigan is drowning financially in our huge and bloated corrections system.
Studies show that of the 13,000 prisoners released in Michigan each year, one third will become re-offenders. The high cost has jail and prison administrators seeking ways to ease this burden on taxpayers.

They say that’s a major reason Michigan spends $2 billion a year on its corrections system. In response to allegations of sexual abuse at the prison, the Civil Service Commission approved job qualifications that put only women in certain jobs. The lawsuit claims the Michigan Department of Corrections is violating the civil rights of male officers at the prison.
What it got us was an increase in the state prison population from 18,000 to more than 50,000.
Starr is a professor of law at the University of Michigan and is the co-director of the Center for Empirical Legal Studies. reverse phone number
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