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Alleged drug lord Hakan Ayik, who is on the run overseas, is the subject of an outstanding Australian police arrest warrant. ONE of Australia's most wanted crime figures, Comanchero bikie drug supplier Hakan Ayik, is suspected by authorities of setting up a ''super'' drug laboratory in India capable of exporting tonnes of methamphetamine around the world.The lab was investigated by the US Drug Enforcement Administration, Australian and Indian authorities in 2010.
The State Records Office holds records that have been transferred from the Education Department of Western Australia (as well as predecessor and related agencies) and from individual government schools.Education DepartmentA small population, economic uncertainties, and denominational rivalries mitigated against the development of a comprehensive education system in Western Australia during the early years of the Colony. The Act abolished school fees, provided for co-educational schools, and made attendance compulsory for children between the ages of six and fourteen years.Files - GeneralThe most extensive collection of Education Department records is the General Files series, which spans from 1885 to the present. These records may pertain to individual schools or to other more general educational matters such as education policy and operations.Buildings and Works FilesBuildings and works files relate mainly to an individual school or school buildings (eg. There were also hiring stations located further afield in Toodyay, York, Bunbury, King George's Sound, Mount Eliza, and Port Gregory.The bulk of records relating to convicts and the operations of the Convict Establishment are listed online. The files can contain correspondence from teachers, the Education Department, parents, inspectors and tradesmen.Attendance FilesThese files are not, as their name suggests, attendance records for any particular school.
Shipping lists may sometimes give information that is not available in the Convict Registers.Convict Lists and Registers, 1850-1868, Acc 128, AN 358This collection contains the majority of convict passenger lists held by the State Records Office and is indexed alphabetically by surname through both the Fremantle Passenger Index and the West Australian Genealogical Society (WAGS) Inc Convict Lists (Acc 128) Index.
Inspections were usually made on a twice-yearly basis.Punishment BooksPunishment books are a record of punishment (eg.

These lists give the convicts name, borough and date of conviction.Convict Registers, Acc 1156, R1-R33, AN 358There are two main series of convict registers contained within the records of the Convict Establishment are the General Registers and the Character Books.
These agencies include organisations such as the Western Australian Teacher's Registration Board, the Secondary Education Authority, the Department of Technical and Further Education, the Board of Secondary Education and the Western Australian Tertiary Education Board, to name but a few.Further InformationThe following publications held by the Battye Library are highly recommended. They were not allowed to leave the district to which they had been assigned and were required to report to the local resident magistrate once per month.There are a wide variety of ticket of leave related records held by the State Records Office that can be used to trace the work history and travels of individual convicts. Many local police and courthouses throughout the State maintained Ticket of Leave Registers which kept track of ticket of leave men employed within a given district.
The following records relate to the monitoring of reconvicted convicts:Reconviction Register, 1856-1859, Acc 1156, Item R 10, AN 358Some entries contain photographs of the convict concerned. The following categories of records all contain significant amounts of information relevant to researchers investigating convict history.Police DepartmentPolice records can be a good source of information when tracing the movements of particular convicts. Police general correspondence files occasionally include returns on convicts at particular stations and can include reports on matters relating to convicts such as escapes.Records of individual Police Stations often include records relating to convicts residing within their districts.
An index to these volumes has been compiled by WAGS and is available on microfiche in the Battye Library.Other records relating to Parkhurst Boys can be located in the Governor's Despatches received from the Secretary of State.
Records of the Guardian of Government Juvenile Immigrants and other associated Parkhurst Boys records may also be found in the Colonial Secretary's Office records, particularly amongst the inward correspondence.

The Enrolled Pensioner Guards comprised of aged or invalid military personnel who were unfit for active duty but capable of fulfilling a role as garrison troops or convict guards.Between 1850 and 1868 approximately 1,100 pensioner guards and their families arrived in Western Australia, many of whom remained on as settlers. Includes typed index.Treasury Department, Pensioner's Land Book, 1881-1884, Acc 743, Item 34, AN 158Contains a roll of Pensioner Guards who did not receive land until 1881 and records pensioners' allotments in various districts with date of acquisition of fee simple. Broomhall, (1989).Downloadable IndexesThe State Records Office has also been fortunate to have two local researchers, Anne and Bruce Buchanan, compile a series of detailed indexes and finding aids to records in the State archives collection. Anne and Bruce have conducted this work in a voluntary capacity.In 2005, Anne and Bruce commenced a project to index a series of convict related letters in the correspondence of the Governor of Western Australia for the period 1851-1868. 5 July 1855 - 30 April 1858 (Consignment 488, item 32).Further InformationState Records Office staff at the Enquiry Desk can provide additional information on the range of convict related records available from within the State Records Office collection.

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