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As if the violent police raid of Occupy Oakland on October 25 wasn’t disturbing enough, California has seen yet another incident of unwarranted police brutality at its UC Davis campus, where a police officer was filmed pepper-spraying a line of completely nonviolent, seated students.
In New York City, the immense success of N17 was somewhat overshadowed by a growing antagonism between the New York Police Department and the protesters – and by a massive police force throughout the day, who arrested hundreds of people that morning, and later, forcefully pushed student marchers out of the streets and attempted to blockade thousands of them. One former police captain from Philadelphia, Ray Lewis, was so disgusted by the images of police brutality he was seeing on the news that he traveled to New York City to show his solidarity. On Sunday night, November 20th, a group called the Think Tank gathered in Liberty Park to debate the relationship between police and the Occupy movement. It seems that one of the reasons the police are so aggressive toward protesters is that there are class differences. This represents one aspect of this disturbing trend: some of these innocent people film the police from their own property. In another instance of individuals being arrested on their property, a young woman named Emily Good was forcibly removed from her property and arrested for filming Rochester, NY police performing a routine traffic stop.
To make matters worse, the police harassed the supporters of the woman who was wrongly arrested by giving frivolous tickets.
In 2009, Father James Manship of New Haven, Connecticut, was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for filming police officers in a store run by Ecuadorian immigrants. The evidence presented by Manship supporting the alleged campaign of harassment, violence, and terrorism carried out against Latinos in his community is compelling and the video evidence of his arrest is damning. The following video, which clocks in at less than 30 seconds total, captures the moments before Father Manship's arrest.
One of the police officers involved, David Cari, falsely reported that he witnessed Father Manship holding an "unknown shiny silver object" which made him fear for his safety.
Keefe claimed that the video did not discredit the police report as Cari's police report alleges that Father Manship fought with the officer when he tried to see what Father Manship was holding. In April of this year, a man was arrested for "interfering with a police officer in the performance of his duties" when he was filming a cop from his own property.
When he refused to give his phone to a police officer when it was completely unnecessary to do so, he got arrested.
Another individual, this time a young female high school student, was arrested for refusing to turn off her cell phone which she was using to film police on a city bus. This 2010 incident was the third time the Newark Police had been accused of abusing citizens for attempting to film them in only three years.
In 2007, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, a man named Brian Kelly was arrested for filming police during a routine traffic stop with his friend, Tyler Shopp. Based on the incomplete picture presented by Rogers, the ADA said he thought it appropriate to arrest Kelly. Glik thought the treatment was a bit rough and in his attempt to capture video evidence of the event was arrested and charged with illegal electronic surveillance. In 2008, a webmaster at Boston University, Jon Surmacz, was arrested and charged with illegal surveillance when he filmed officers being unnecessarily rough when breaking up a holiday party.
Michael Hyde was charged with illegal wiretapping when he used a secretly recorded video of a police encounter as the basis for a harassment complaint. A Cambridge sound engineer by the name of Jeffrey Manzinelli was arrested and convicted of illegal wiretapping along with disorderly conduct for recording MBTA police officers at an anti-war rally in 2002.

Peter Lowney was arrested and convicted of illegal wiretapping in 2007 when Boston University police officers claimed he had hid a camera in his coat during a protest. In these Massachusetts cases, the key factor is if the individual had been openly or "secretly" filming the police. The harassment isn't always immediate, evidenced by the case of Anthony Graber, a man who captured a police officer stopping him at gunpoint. After he posted the video online, the house of Graber's parents was raided by police and he was charged with violating wiretap laws. After an innocent, unarmed black man was executed by a white Bay Area Rapid Transit officer in 2009, the police attempted to confiscate the phones of those who had captured the murder.
The officer used the laughably unbelievable excuse of confusing his .40 caliber police issue firearm with a tazer.
The officers realized they were being recorded and Fanon Perteet was arrested and put in a squad car.
As AlterNet pointed out, this case will be a landmark decision for the rest of the 12 states that have these anti-democratic totalitarian police state laws in place.
University of California police arrested 13 people this morning who staged a noisy but orderly protest during the governing board of regents' meeting at the Sacramento Convention Center.
He added that he would be back out on the streets as soon as he was released.Until 2004 he was a captain in Philadelphia’s police department, one of the few in the US which can rival New York for size or complexity. MOSCOW (BNO NEWS) — Russian police on Thursday arrested dozens of opposition protesters in unauthorized rallies in Moscow and St. About 350 people and 150 journalists attended an authorized rally simultaneously held in the capital, but no arrests were made.
That said, I would never advise someone to resist arrest, even if he or she knows the arrest was improper or unlawful. In court, resistance to arrest will nearly always be interpreted as a consciousness of guilt, not the recognition that the arrest is unlawful and the arrestee's resistance is a reasonable response.
Keep in mind that an arrest made in error is not necessarily unlawful if the officer's belief that the arrest was lawful was reasonable. I asked the driver if he would accompany me to the police station voluntarily, so I could check this out. At the police station, I called the sheriff's office in Florida that held the warrant and also pulled the driver's local record from our identification bureau. As a private citizen, you're not going to be privy to all the information the police officer has. While the police had never exactly been friendly toward the occupiers in Liberty Square, Monday night’s eviction demonstrated just how much power the NYPD can wield. Captain Lewis participated in the discussion, and also shared with me some insight into the lives of police officers that provides clarity on the abuses of power we are seeing now. Police officers tend to be from the working-class, but many of these protesters are middle-class and educated. One of the most shocking examples is the case of the Las Vegas man, Mitchell Crooks, who was brutally assaulted by an on-duty police officer for filming the officer from his own property. While real crimes are going on in Rochester, the police prefer to spend their time ticketing innocent people who are supporting a member of their community.

Father Manship claimed he was recording a case of police harassment which was part of a campaign of "systematic intimidation and racial profiling" against Latinos at the hands of police.
The video provides irrefutable evidence that officer Cari filed a false police report, a crime for which he needs to be held accountable.
Before the police released her from her illegal detention, they erased the video evidence from her phone. Due to the fact that the officers had absolutely no legal grounds to arrest or detain the teen, they simply dropped her off at her mother's place of work. One CBS cameraman sued special police officer Brian Sharif after he claimed he was put in a chokehold and handcuffed for filming an anti-violence protest in Newark in 2008. If this officer was not lying, which seems a bit ridiculous to me, then it shows that he was woefully incompetent and the training that police officers receive is far from adequate.
The other was a 60-year-old man who used a recorder to capture his 2009 arrest for selling art without a permit.
While this was occurring, Adrian Perteet took out his phone and filmed his brother's arrest.
Jerry Brown was expected to attend the regents meeting but had not arrived at the time of the arrests.
Petersburg, two other opposition leaders were arrested, along with about 100 of the 300 people who attended the rally.
Some states expressly grant the right to resist an unlawful arrest, and a few others expressly prohibit it. If the officer's testimony could be impeached (showing he was not being truthful) or the court was made aware that the officer had a reputation for untruthfulness or fabrication of probable cause for an arrest, the defendant might prevail.
Although I had adequate grounds to arrest him on the warrant, in my gut I didn't think he was the right guy. Had he physically resisted me, I could have used as much force as was reasonable and necessary to take him into custody, and if I had to fight him, I probably would have charged him with resisting arrest. While wearing his uniform, he refused to budge from the entrance to the NYSE, and was arrested. About 10 people were also arrested in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, the country’s fourth largest city.
He didn't want to come, but I told him the alternative was that I would arrest him on the warrant, and being it was a Friday, it would probably be Monday before anyone got around to following up and verifying fingerprints and such. Still, if a police officer thinks I'm carrying the gun illegally and orders me to the ground at gunpoint, I'm going to do it. When I was young we only had the mainstream, corporate press, but now everyone has cameras and we can all show mainstream America that police are beating passive people who are nonviolent. The wants check came back with an arrest warrant for armed robbery out of Florida (I was in Nevada). When a person gives false identification information to the police or concocts a false identity to obtain new documents, he'll usually change only a few digits in numerical information, like a date of birth or Social Security number, so he can remember it more easily.

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