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In 2010, DiPietro's legal team obtained multiple audio recordings of the alleged victim John Perazzo. Investigator Bill Clutter unleashed a devastating report detailing the phone records of June 29, 2001. The records indicate that Sanginiti could not have been sitting next to Taddeo in a white van, because there were multiple telephone conversations between them at the exact time the kidnaping was puportedly occuring.
An independent review of the record in the DiPietro case has also revealed unsettling conduct on behalf of federal prosecutors.

These recordings yielded further evidence supporting Angelo DiPietro's innocence claim, and proved that the prosecution’s main witness, Maurizio Sanginiti, had committed perjury in order to gain DiPietro’s conviction.
Based upon records provided by Cingular Wireless Inc., Clutter's reports revealed that prosecution witness Maurizio Sanginiti's trial testimony relating to the events of that evening was not only false, but improbable. Specifically, the telephone records reflected multiple phone calls between Sanginiti and Frank Taddeo, who prosecutors claimed to have been the getaway driver of a van used to allegedly kidnap John Perazzo.
The phone numbers of the Sprint client ('Originating Number'), as well as family members' numbers of the Sprint Client, have been redacted on these documents.

Obviously, phone numbers change frequently and the present owner of the number my not have been the owner at the time of the journal entry. Additionally, the owner of a phone number is not always aware of what his or her number is used for by others.

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