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If you are like me, you probably ignore the call and just put it off as being the wrong number.
Thankfully, the Internet has many ways that you can use a phone number tracker to see exactly who is calling your number.
This is a company that tries to sell optional services to you, but their free service can provide you with some pertinent information that will allow you to gain insight into a phone number.
After this, you will simply wait and be redirected to a new page when the tracking has been completed.

The next course of action is to look and see if anyone else has received a call from the same number.
The best part about this site is that when you scroll down, you can see stats for the number.
If you search for the number on Google, the first results that are displayed will actually have the number combination included. However, you will be able to view some very important information that may lead you to pick up or ignore the number the next time it calls. This will include a spam score, spam report, comments and the number of times the number has been searched.

New comments, especially in bulk, usually indicate that the number is attached to a call center. Some people will mention that the number keeps calling, but others will also list what occurred when they answered the phone. All too often, unknown numbers are people trying to scam you out of your credit card information or trying to sell you something.

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