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Just like computer users, cell phone users are vulnerable to phone call and text message-based attacks like phishing and other efforts.
Mobile phones are regularly used to store sensitive information that can be accessed by infiltrating the device.
Sprint wants customers to call customer service to report all spam messages so the company can modify its spam-filtering technology to block the phone numbers that are sending it.

Postpaid and FlexPay customers can create their own filters and block chargeable text messages, MMS (multi-media service) messages, instant messages, and e-mail from being sent to their phones by calling customer service. Customers can sign up for Usage Controls that allow them to block certain numbers from calling or sending text messages to the phone. Consumers can find comfort in knowing who a number belongs to before they answer a call, open a text message or open a link in a text message from an unknown number and potentially exposing their lives to those of scammers and identity stealers.

Customers should not reply to the messages, otherwise it verifies to the spammer that the phone number is valid.

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