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Peek and Pop let you preview all kinds of content and even act on it — without having to actually open it.
If someone sent you an address via a text message or email, you usually have to tap on it and open the Maps app for more information. Soft press on the thumbnail image icon in the Camera app and your previous photos will appear. If someone sends you a link to a website in a text message or email, just lightly press on the link and the contents of the site will appear over the message. Press someone’s profile photo in Mail, Messages or anywhere you see it in iOS 9 to bring up all the contact info you have for them.
Press the keyboard within apps such as Notes, Mail and Messages, and your keyboard behaves just like a trackpad.
3D Touch works with the Notes app to let you record your ideas with more creativity and nuance.
The European commission’s antitrust unit raised a formal statement of objections this week, which could be followed by a substantial fine, after Motorola tried to use a number of its standards-essential patent (SEPs) to try to stop sales of iPhones with 3G network capability in Germany. Standards-essential patents have to be used to make a phone or device meet standards such as 3G and 4G phone standards, the wireless Wi-Fi connection or the video encoding method H.264. But Motorola has used its SEPs to seek court bans on Apple and Microsoft products and now faces strictures and possible fines from Joaquin Almunia, the competition commissioner, who has yet to make an announcement relating to complaints by Microsoft.
Google bid $12.5bn for Motorola Mobility in 2011, citing its strong patent portfolio as a defensive move against Apple and Microsoft, which were gunning for Android handset-makers including Samsung, HTC and Motorola in patent infringement cases. Benedict Evans, technology and telecoms analyst at Enders Analysis, said it was hard to know how Google had valued the patents.
France Telecom is finally switching its official name to Orange after the name change was approved at its annual general meeting.

That France Telecom isn’t called Orange may come as a surprise to many, since it has used Orange as the brand name for its consumer and business services since 2006.
Orange’s recently announced campus site in Dakkar, Senegal, and expansion plans for its LTE networks highlight how the company is increasingly straddling Europe and Africa. Apple’s point is that the data being gathered isn’t where you’ve been, but rather the locations of wireless hotspots and cell towers across the country. Notably, Apple says that the geotagging data your iPhone generates and sends back to Apple cannot be used to identify or locate you; the information is both anonymous and encrypted. NPA stands for Numbering Plan Area and is more commonly referred to as a telephone area code.
Common Language Location Identification (CLLI) Codes are eight or eleven character alphanumeric descriptors used to identify telecommunications switches, interconnections, and other network elements and their locations.
The first four characters of a CLLI code identify the city where the equipment is located, the 5th and 6th characters the state, and the 7th and 8th identify the location within that city. A Central Office is a building that telephone companies own to house their telecom hubs and switches.
Instead 3D Touch while the word is highlighted and then slide your finger to go directly into highlighting mode. The change will take place on July 1, and underlines the company’s global push, according to Stephane Richard, chairman and CEO at Orange. It had a total customer base of about 230 million customers as of March 31, including 172 million mobile subscribers and 15 million broadband users, according to its website.
It’s a strategy that has worked to great effect for companies like Huawei and ZTE with network equipment, with deals for cost-competitive kits underpinned with well-termed vendor finance agreements with the carriers to seal the deal.
Despite being one of the most popular phone networks in the UK, O2 has been failing us all the past few weeks, and it’s about time these kind of cock-ups stopped happening.

I feel completely out of touch when my signal is gone, always wondering who might be trying to phone or text me. It was alright back in 2000, and I could cope with it back in 2005, but in 2012 it’s too much. Every telephone area code and prefix (NPA-NXX) is assigned to a particular Central Office, and one Central Office is typically responsible for many area code prefixes and serves as the switching hub for consumer and business telephone lines within a certain geographic area or radius. Most people will still have their phone number on Facebook,  Facebook maybe the best way to share personal information for many Facebook users. For example, instead of pressing the Phone app icon to open the app and navigate to the contact for your spouse, you can simply hard press on the Phone app icon, and select your spouse from the popup menu to make that call more efficiently. Just press a little harder to open it in Maps and explore the location in more detail or lift your finger to return to your message. If you want to open a photo for sharing or editing, just press a little harder on any photo. The name must be entered exactly as in the phone book, and the number must not be unlisted. It’s quicker than the old method of highlighting a word and using the blue drag handles to select the rest of the text you wish to highlight. Previously, I’ve chosen my phone network on the basis of which one offered the best deal.
Perhaps it sounds a little sad, but I think we’re all approaching the point where we’re lost without our phones.

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