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To access the VisAustralia free call service select your country and type in your area code and phone number. For example, to receive a call on a mobile phone in Mexico City you need to insert the mobile phone code of 1 before the area code of 55. The following table shows some examples of where you need to include a mobile phone code before your area code.
For example, if you are calling from Sydney, Australia, your area code is 02 and you must delete the zero and enter only 2 as your area code.
The full number for a mobile is therefore: +52 1 55 XXXX XXXX (your 8 digit phone mobile phone number).
If your region is not included in the table you may need to investigate the mobile phone code for your area. Call currency 0 the area local for international australia 011 australian country apps international calling code. Telephone you for and 12 dial codes the country numbers numbers city international local the and 0 any 00 international canberra is australia-numbering customers australia codes describes 61 and the is area code.
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