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We found no schools in Ohio ranked in US News and World Reports’ Top National Universities that have a criminal justice program.
We found 1 doctorate program ranked by The Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice; #1 University of Cincinnati. University of Cincinnati offers a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program that builds a comprehensive background in criminal justice, opening doors to various career paths in the field.
Ohio State University: The Department of Sociology at Ohio State University offers a Bachelors in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies as well as a double major option in Sociology and Criminology with Criminal Justice Studies. In addition to local law enforcement jobs, the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Ohio Rehabilitation and Corrections Agency, Ohio State Highway Patrol provide job opportunities for graduates of criminal justice programs. US federal agencies, like the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, and others, also employ criminal justice graduates in Ohio.
Criminal justice professionals can find career opportunities in the corrections, law enforcement and legal fields in Ohio. Jobs in the criminal justice field offer many benefits in addition to an exciting work environment including competitive wages. Student Review: The University of Akron, located in Akron, Ohio, is a state school that is growing in amenities and reputation.

Students can also pursue a Minor in Sociology, Criminology, Inequality and Society, or Health and Society.
The Master of Science in Criminal Justice has concentration in Criminal Behavior, Crime Analysis, Justice Administration, and Homeland Security, while the Bachelor of Criminal Justice has the Emergency Management and Justice Administration options. All of the professors, including all adjunct professors, had diverse backgrounds ranging from theoretical or applied research in criminal justice, to current and former criminal justice system professionals such as prosecutors, FBI intelligence analysts, and probation officers. I elected to do an internship in criminology as a part of my coursework, and I believe that both helped enlighten me as a person as well as strengthen the degree I received.
The faculty and students publish within eight different focuses: Community and Urban, Criminology, Education, Family, Occupations and Work, Political Sociology and Social Movements, Population and Health, Stratification-Race, and Class and Gender. Many jobs in the law enforcement field in Ohio are projected to grow in the future due to population growth and retiring professionals. The wide array of classes taught me not only the content knowledge required for success in criminal justice, but also challenged me to think critically, write well, and orally articulate ideas effectively. Many professors and instructors were active in implementing policy, serving in the criminal justice system, and among the foremost scholars in the area. The core curriculum includes courses such as Criminal Justice Research Methods, Criminal Procedure, and Criminal Justice Statistics.

Most criminal justice jobs like correctional officer can not be outsourced overseas and job security is supported by local unions. The weather in Akron, Ohio is quite inclement most of the time, but that isn’t the fault of the college, but rather of the state of Ohio. Additionally, a senior year field placement in an unpaid internship with a criminal justice agency helps students gain real world, hands-on experience outside of the classroom and laboratory settings. The Criminal Justice program faculty are respected scholars who are regularly asked to consult with criminal justice agencies and governments.
Students can access additional learning, networking, and leadership opportunities through special programs at the school, including the Criminal Justice Society and the CECH Tribunal.

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