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Director Ron Scalpello smudges the line between justice and vengeance in his latest feature length Offender.
I don’t know about you, but I’m a moral law abiding citizen (sadly not the Gerard Butler type), and don’t have any intention to commit crimes to enhance my budding “street rep”; putting me at odds with the new, gritty, young adult representative film Offender. Tommy Nix (Joe Cole, Skins) is going to prison, a young offender’s institute to be precise, because he wants revenge!
First off the bat, the movie loses all credibility by having a young offenders prison half filled with people clearly over 21; in fact fact the two main bad guys (Jake and Mason) are easily 30!

Characterisation is also not Offender’s forte; Tommy is a bloody pointless character, and as good revenge stories go, he does have a reasonable amount of motivation after seeing his life destroyed (to a point), but after he’s accomplished that he’s stuck in a situation where there’s nowhere for him to go, and no future whatsoever. The film centers on a Young Offenders Institute, and it’s newest recruit readying a dangerous plan of revenge against a gang of notorious inmates. The three get chucked back into offenders, so Tommy beats up a couple police officers to get thrown in with them, and it turns into an whodunit in the institute, with Tommy working his way through various other offenders and wardens to get his ultimate revenge.
If it wasn’t for these glimmers of hope, this review would be getting less, as you could have condensed Offender down into a 3 minute music video for one of the music artists on the cast and it would have worked so much better, instead of the plodding around shit we have to sit through for over 100 minutes.

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