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In wrapping up the coverage from the launch event, we thought weA?a‚¬E?d bring you some of the thinking and reasoning passed along to us as to why the development of the phone’s series by Hutchinson began. So when we saw the number of users mentioned which started at 250,000 from last year and hitting the high of 950,000 of late, it took us back a bit.
Just to back up their slide and doubly endorsing how 3 is used in today’s world of social networking, they went on to throw some more numbers at us.
On 3 handsets just over the October period, 2 million searches were performed, 3.5million emails were received by users on the network, 20 million minutes of Skype calls were made, 36 million chats were made on Skype, 200 million instant messages took place, 44 million pages on Facebook were viewed where there were only half that number six months ago.
Whilst you’re digesting all of that, it makes sense that a phone like the INQ should have come along right now.
Perforated Numbers(Open models of perforated numbers) Print, laminate, and perforate the numbers.

Funny NumberChildren choose a specific number and create a character, animal, or object with it. The company Samsung does not stop surprising people and has produced a mobile phone that will be a real present for the girls, or children. The mobile world's finest conversation featuring Ben Smith from Wireless Worker, Rafe Blandford from All About Windows Phone and Ewan MacLeod from Mobile Industry Review.
Draw one or several hopscotch designs (depending on the number of children) on the asphalt or floor. Have them write numbers in the driveway for parents to see when they return at the end of the day.
Next, cut out the remaining numbers and insert strings of different lengths to hang them from the number eight shape.

This mobile phone has been produced in pink color and features a Hello Kitty logo along with a Hello Kitty face on the back. Examples of questions are: the date of their birthday, their address, their telephone number, their age, the number of fingers or toes they have, etc.
Have them dip pieces of chalk (sidewalk chalk or other) into the water and color their number with them.
Add three strings in the predetermined holes on the number eight to hang the mobile from the ceiling.

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