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The new marriage licenses - which add the term spouse -- will be distributed to town and city clerk offices across the state in advance of the same-sex marriage law taking effect July 24. Clerks have been awaiting the new forms so they will be ready to process them when the law starts. The Health Department offered new details today about the marriage license process, explaining the 24-hour waiting period to receive a license in New York. Some same-sex couples in New York have been married in neighboring Massachusetts or Canada, for example.

On Tuesday, a town clerk in the Southern Tier submitted her resignation because she said she will not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, citing her religious beliefs. That's why the town clerk in upstate Ledyard, who thinks God considers homosexuality a sin, is off base for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
The whole point is that gay and lesbian New Yorkers aren't second-class citizens and should be treated just like anyone else looking to make a trip to the altar.
Some clerk offices - including in Rochester, Ithaca, Binghamton and New York City - plan to open on July 24, a Sunday, to begin accepting the forms.

Laura Fotusky, the clerk in Barker, Broome County, is the first clerk in the state to resign over the issue. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday that clerks are sworn to uphold the laws of the state, and licensing same-sex couples is now the law.

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