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Investigate Net was inspired by an African journalist I met, who was unable to identify the value or uses of minerals mined in his country because the experts worked for mining interests and would not talk to him. Journalists in one locale are forced to shelve or discontinue investigations because they cannot obtain crucial, basic information due to access, technological, financial or practical barriers. A journalist submits an information request and other pertinent information, such as keywords and privacy considerations, through a simple, mobile-friendly, Investigate Net form online, in e-mail or text message. Journalists in the economic North with abundant technology or information access may also need sources outside of their networks, especially when a story leads abroad where their news outlet has no presence or contacts. Instead, Investigate Net would enable Southern journalists to become virtual field producers. Above all, these simple information requests can help all journalists build networks and foster collaboration.

The recently launched Investigative Dashboard portal cites collaboration as a goal and could enhance Investigate Net.
Authentication occurs at a device level but does not address device sharing, or human error that grants access to a user’s Investigate Net profile. Deeper co-productions will stem from Investigate Net collaborations, making it possible to maximize editorial impact on a local, regional, national or global scale and drive the news agenda. Ultimately, Investigate Net will foster collaborations and joint investigations that tell local stories in the North and South and span the globe. That was the seed of Investigate Net: Information one journalist found impossible to gain was easily accessible to a peer. Yet, it remains out of reach to isolated journalists because collaborations typically stem from personal networks and both groups are unaware of each other and their needs.

You cannot report on something if you cannot meaningfully identify and understand it, or if the trail leads somewhere and you have no budget, presence or network to follow it. A story or investigation by one news organization is easy for authorities to ignore; one covered by multiple outlets is not as easily dismissed. Ten housing groups signed the letter, which asks the regulators to investigate the investors for allegedly attempting to push borrowers into foreclosure instead of steering them toward loss mitigation plans.

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