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Motorola released a handful of Droid RAZR devices and the new RAZR M is no less interesting.
The Motorola Droid RAZR M is certainly an interesting device, but unfortunately, it also feels somewhat underwhelming.
The Droid RAZR was a huge success last year and with the Droid RAZR HD, Motorola is back with their new flagship. The Motorola RAZR HD comes with a 4.7” 720p AMOLED HD display and with a pixel density count of 312ppi, the phone nearly matches Apple’s Retina Display technology. The Motorola RAZR is equipped with RAZR HD and the company says that the Android 4.1 update is coming soon. The Face Unlock feature is still supported and the phone also comes with a number of bloatware, including Modern Combat 3, Amazon, Real Racing 2, Quick Office and others. Motorola RAZR MAXX gains lots of love due to its 3300mAh battery and we can nab the phone for around $650 off-contract. Unfortunately, there’s no way to stuff such a large battery into the slender 7.1mm chassis of the original Motorola RAZR. The Motorola RAZR MAXX is more than a decent smartphone with its huge battery and impressive talk time, but it still doesn’t quite manage to reach the heights already achieved by the competition. Just like any low-cost handset, the phone features 512MB, which won’t be sufficient for serious multitasking tasks. The Motorola Motosmart Flip XT611 features a decent 5Mp rear-facing camera with LED flash, geotagging and autofocus. If you are completely enchanted by the huge 3300mAh battery of the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX, you are not alone. Motorola performed an experiment by pitting the DROID RAZR MAXX against popular phones, such as the LG Spectrum and iPhone 4S.
While we are seeing more evidences that a new RAZR will come out of Motorola’s assembly line very soon and while the media is providing sneak peeks on the DROID RAZR HD and the DROID Fighter; a new model called the Motorola MT887 was spotted in China. Two photographs emanated from China; one of them is quite blurry, but we can still see a phone bearing the MT887 model number.
Motorola has released numerous variants in China and the company seems to be comfortable with local market.
An ITC judge posted a notice today stating that Apple has violated a patent owned by Motorola Mobility.
A few months ago, Google acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion along with its trove of patents, so this is clearly an indirect win for Google. The investigation is scheduled to be completed by August 23 and if a decision for import banning is warranted, it would be a subject to review by the appeals court and President Obama. The case was filed on October 2010 by Motorola Mobility amid allegation by Apple that Google’s Android stole elements of iOS. The phone has 1GB of internal storage, which may significantly put a limit on the amount of apps and games you can install, because there are still many apps that can’t be installed to the microSD card.
The Motorola Motoluxe comes preloaded wit a customized social widget that can help users to keep in touch with friends, co-workers or relatives.

The phone has a 1400 mAh Li-ion battery, with stand by time of 400 hours and talk time of 4 hours 40 minutes.
The phone has a somewhat underpowered 600 MHz processor, which is supported by 512 MB of RAM. Camera aficionados have nothing to adore about the phone, as the 3Mp rear-facing camera won’t please all the longings of even an amateur photographer. The phone will be released officially on March 2012 and if compared to other low-end devices the unlocked version may cost less than $200. Just last month, the media reported on rumors about a bigger, improved Motorola RAZR and finally it is official, the Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx will enter the market very shortly. In fact, the RAZR Maxx also uses the same 4.3” Super-AMOLED display, which is proven to provide excellent color contrast, but criticized by some for issues on picture clarity and sharpness. Battery is the biggest improvement of the RAZR Maxx and we are not talking about a slight increase in capacity, the phone is now powered by a 3300 mAH battery, almost double the 1720 mAh unit found on the previous model. The micro-bezel design is an important selling point of the phone, but unfortunately, the 4.3” display itself still leaves a lot to be desired. If you’ve been waiting for a moderately powerful phone with nearly bezel-less design, the RAZR M could be the phone for you.
Motorola’s unique enhancement of the OS, brings some unique features including the circle-shaped widget that offers real-time information on battery stats, weather and time. There’s a single LED flash placed next to the back of the phone and thanks to the thoughtful positioning, there’s no chance for our hands of obscuring the rear leans when the phone is used in portrait orientation. The phone’s styling may not suit to everyone’s tastes and the inefficient use of real estate around the display makes the RAZR MAXX looks cumbersome and bigger that it actually is. Additionally, the 512MB of internal storage is too cramped for larger apps in Google Play store, as users typically only get less than 200MB of free space. The camera quality should be comparable to 5Mp sensors also found on other affordable phones. Under normal usages, the phone is clearly the king in terms of longevity, while other handsets easily flail as they quickly run out of juice in less than seven hours. Before the test began, all smartphones were fully charged and they ran the VZ Navigator app, then they were strapped inside a car for a long drive around. The specification is roughly similar to the DROID RAZR MAXX except for the Android 4.0 build and 720p display. According to the notice, Apple doesn’t violate Motorola’s patents, except one related to 3G technology and the finding is subject to a further review by a six-member commission. Apple repeatedly denied infringing any patent and with Microsoft, it has filed complaints in Europe that Motorola Mobility uses standard-essential patents to block competitions unfairly. Because such devices are readily available in many stores, travelers need to consider the Motorola Defy as the reliable smartphone can effectively solidify their communication life. The processor has been used to run many low-end Android devices in early 2011 and Motorola needs to answer why they still use the processor for its new device in 2012.
However, early evaluations showed that the camera can produce much better pictures than other 3Mp phone cameras.

Hopefully, this would suggest that the phone maker won’t be too slow in bringing the RAZR Maxx to Android 4.0.
If you want to have a unique display design, the Motorola RAZR M could be the phone for you. Motorola is known for its preference toward solidly built device and the Kevlar material gives the phone great in-hand feel. Avid Android users may wish the display is better, but this is just a minor complaint compared to the low price and other exciting features,.The phone won’t sway you from the likes of HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3, but it is still a great looking phone with a more than decent set of specs. An external card is mandatory for storing large multimedia files, and users can use up to 32GB of microSD card.
However, Motorola revealed that the camera can record 480p videos at 30fps, which is acceptable for an affordable phone. Just like any phone manufacturer, Motorola wants to make the point as to why its handsets are superior over others in the market.
Verizon is preparing itself for a bigger version of the DROID RAZR MAXX and the MT887 could simply be an incremental upgrade for the DROID RAZR MAXX. Unlike Motorola’s dual-core beasts like the Droid Bionic and the super slim Droid RAZR Maxx, the Motoluxe simply offers more pedestrian features and hardware specifications.
The phone is supported by 512 MB of RAM, which allows users to conveniently multitask a few apps or games on the go. The handset doesn’t support LTE, however the 7.2 Mbps HSDPA data connection is usually enough for users of mid-range handsets. It appears that the rumors are right on the money after Motorola announced the RAZR Maxx at CES 2012. With normal usage, the phone can stay operational between 2 and 4 days, but unfortunately it means the phone has lost its super-skinny design; even so at 9mm thick many would still consider the RAZR Maxx as a slim handset.
Although the company clearly misses the mark in this area, it shouldn’t be an issue for average user. With its 800MHz Qualcomm MSM7227T-1 Snapdragon single-core processor, the Motorola Motosmart Flip XT611 should be considered as an entry model. The Motorola Motuluxe features a VGA (0.3 Mp) shooter at the front and an 8Mp rear-facing camera. The phone is protected with the Corning Gorilla Glass to prevent accidental scratches and shield the display from typical daily abuses. The phone uses the 1650 mAh battery with talk time of 10 hours and stand by time of 500 hours. Just like its predecessor, the original RAZR, Motorola’s upcoming phone is powered with the very same 1.2 GHz dual core processor and because it is one of the most capable mobile CPUs in the market, it isn’t an issue at all.

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