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Taniya Waqas has made her own profile in our site where you can watch her pictures, information and contact number. But they are finding the numbers of Pakistani girls and boys with whom they start friendship we have a girl from Rawalpindi, the name of this girl is Taniya Waqas and she is living with her family in Rawalpindi Pakistan.
Taniya Waqas really likes mobile gossip and Rawalpindi dating with friends, relatives and lovers.

Taniya Waqas is a very well skilled girl and I hope that she will keep you entertain by her fantastic and interesting gossip throughout mobile phone. Here we are going to introduce one local and very beautiful girl of our site who wants to make friends for mobile conversation. Taniya Waqas is waiting for all Pakistani boys and girls especially those who have much time for mobile conversation.

You can also share your personal mobile number with her and other friends through comments box below.

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