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If you misplaced your MO traffic ticket, you may be able to search for lost tickets online using the Fine Collection Center (FCC) case management system.
Fine Collection Center's (FCC) online system for retrieving your lost ticket and traffic violation information.
NOTE: If you need to find information about a lost parking ticket, you'll need to get in contact with the parking enforcement agency in the city where you received it.
If you decide to fight your traffic ticket in Missouri, hiring a traffic ticket attorney may be a good option for you. Even one can affect your life - speeding tickets can increase your insurance rates, affect your employment, and affect your privilege to drive.

MISSOURI is a POINT SYSTEM state, by pleading guilty to a ticket you may be issued anywhere from 2-12 points on your driving record, if you accumulate too many points Missouri can suspend your license. Prosecutors have discretion to amend the traffic charges to a NON-MOVING VIOLATION or a 0 point penalty. Do not accumulate violations CALL THE KC TRAFFIC LAWYER WHEN YOU GET THAT FIRST TICKET, Hire Tim Tompkins to Defend your Rights. However, you can always contact the traffic court handling your traffic citation to find lost ticket information directly.
Sometimes it may take the Missouri FCC extra time to enter a traffic ticket into its database.

An attorney can help you determine your best plea option on all types of moving violations (speeding tickets, red light tickets, etc.) and represent you in MO traffic court.

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