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Every day hard working people in mid Missouri find that they have been the victim of bad businesses practices and have lost money due to fraud. Missouri has enacted the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act (MPA) that makes it illegal to use deception, fraud, false pretenses, false promises, concealment, or omission of facts in the sale or advertisement of a product. If you have suffered financial damage because you were deliberately deceived or the other party failed to inform you of important facts, call our office to speak with an experienced consumer fraud lawyer. Select a video below to learn about Missouri Investment Fraud Law from the Kansas City (MO) attorney(s) at the law firm of The Kueser Law Firm, P.C.

Investment Fraud Law Basics: Whether you bought stocks or bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, or even gold, the law offers protection for consumers involved in investments and securities. Consumer fraud attorney John Lake brings cases to court against companies and individual doing business with consumers; insurance companies, manufacturers, car dealers, phone companies, utilities, banks and credit card companies.
Lake has been defending people's rights in mid Missouri trial courts for more than 30 years. One of those protections is against fraud - including improperly being pushed investments or securities, price manipulation, and Ponzi schemes.

We focus our practice on protecting the rights of investors and recovering investment losses for victims of securities fraud, investment fraud, and other stockbroker misconduct.
For answers to your legal questions about Investment Fraud Law, click on a question below, or to contact The Kueser Law Firm, P.C.

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