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You’re just a quick free phone call away from getting your questions answered about an Oklahoma misdemeanor charge.
These are just some of the most common misdemeanors for which Washington County residents seek legal representation.  A Wirth Law Office Bartlesville misdemeanor defense attorney can help with most typical misdemeanor charges. Misdemeanor offense are punishable by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one year or by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, or both such fine and imprisonment. Don’t just rely on internet searches to figure out how much the punishment could be for your misdemeanor arrest. The Wirth Law Office Bartlesville criminal defense attorney brings a solid track record of successful misdemeanor defense work in Bartlesville and Washington County, Oklahoma. Albuquerque Misdemeanor Penalties Lawyer Misdemeanor offenses fall into two categories: petty and full.

On the other hand, full misdemeanor offenses (assault and battery, reckless driving) are considered more severe and are assigned more serious consequences. Although misdemeanors may not seem to be serious criminal charges, they may have long-lasting, life-changing consequences. Federal misdemeanor charges often are filed when the individual allegedly committing the crime is a member of the military. A misdemeanor conviction in Bartlesville and Washington County, Oklahoma courts could result in fines, probation and incarceration of up to a year in a county jail.  Retain a knowledgeable Bartlesville misdemeanor defense attorney as soon as possible to start defending your legal rights.
For a free, confidential and no obligation consultation with an experienced Bartlesville misdemeanor defense attorney simply dial (918) 213-0950.
As the name would suggest, a petty misdemeanor (1st DWI offense, shoplifting) is considered a lesser offense than a full misdemeanor and therefore carries a less severe punishment.

Families may be torn apart, friendships broken, and job opportunities lost because of a simple misdemeanor conviction.
Martinez & Associates, we have 15 years of experience defending those facing misdemeanor offenses throughout the state of New Mexico.

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