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If you have a criminal record in Minnesota, you may be eligible to have your offense expunged. The waiting period for an expungement – if you were convicted – begins upon completion of your sentence. The expungement process is time consuming taking over 4 months to complete from the time that the petition is filed with the court.
In order to build the strongest case for yourself, you must be able to convince the judge that a granted petition for expungement would greatly better your circumstances. If any of these instances pertains to you, then you can present the issue in your hearing for expungement. Minnesota Expungement is an online informational site intended for users who have questions specifically for Minnesota Expungements, Record Sealing, Gun Rights Restoration, Juvenile Restoration, and more.
Our focus is to provide up-to-date information on the complicating method of expungement records. Minnesota ExpungementMinnesota allows you to expunge or seal your criminal record in certain circumstances. Expungement of criminal records is typically granted to those found not guilty in court cases.

Minnesota expungement lawyer John Arechigo recently prevailed and obtained an expungement of a client’s record. Attorney John Arechigo successfully argued that the client had fully rehabilitated himself and was therefore entitled to an expungement. Although previous state law allowed judges to expunge criminal records for certain offenses and offenders, judges were limited to only wiping out court records and not those of state agencies, such as the Minnesota Department of Human Services. The Second Chance Expungement Bill, according to Dayton, provides individuals an opportunity to put their pasts behind them and lead better lives. According to studies, almost one in five Minnesota residents have a criminal record or arrest. As per Minnesota Statute 609a.03(5), you can legally deny the existence of your criminal record once expungement is granted. Expungement cases are heard on a first-come, first-serve basis and are listed on the court docket from the moment the court receives the petition. In the event that the district attorney objects to your case, you need to be able to prove to the court that you are worthy of receiving the expungement despite the district attorney’s objections. If a guilty plea was never entered and pretrial programs were completed a person may qualify for expungement.

Samson, represent clients throughout Minnesota, including the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Known as the Second Chance Expungement Bill, the law gives the court the power to expunge more criminal records, including a number of convictions. Thankfully, the new expungement law has made it much easier for individuals with a criminal conviction to start with a clean slate. Minnesota’s expungement law provides new opportunities for people to seal criminal records. A person may also apply for expungement if they were convicted of a crime but have changed their life significantly since this time.

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