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Former Cleveland City Councilman Eugene Miller filed paperwork Wednesday to challenge incumbent state Rep.
COLUMBUS, Ohio—Former Cleveland City Councilman Eugene Miller filed paperwork Wednesday to challenge incumbent state Rep. Miller previously represented House District 10 from 2007 until 2009, when he was appointed to city council.
Freddie Moore, who ran for city council against Miller in 2009, also filed to run as a Democrat in House District 10, which includes downtown Cleveland and runs northeast along the lakeshore. According to the PD’s Leila Atassi, rumors had been circulating that Sweeney was buttering Miller up, handcrafting a ward in a shape that the sparky councilman was “comfortable with” in exchange for blind loyalty down the road.

Appreciate your candor, Councilman Miller, though we can’t say much about your aptitude for discretion. With good reason, the Cleveland punditry has had its collective pantywear in a collective bunch about the secrecy and backroom orchestration of the new ward map — absent constituents’ voices and concerns throughout the process, blah blah blah — yet here’s Miller saying exactly what we feared.
Miller certainly had a few things to say when he was arrested for speeding and driving under the influence back in November.
Eugene Miller, 32, of the Bronx, is wanted in connection with Rosetta Ewell’s death, police said. According to a source, Miller, a member of the Bloods gang, was angry because Ewell wouldn’t take him back.

Miller has now corroborated what everyone thinks about Sweeney — that he is a wheeler and dealer, what Atassi evocatively calls a “back-slapper,” a man who rewards loyalty with favors.
After a brief discourse between the two, Miller fired three shots into the screaming woman; as described by a 911 operator who spoke with police.

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