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German Prisoners of War at a camp near Owosso are being paid with canteen checks by Camp Commander Captain Ohrt.
In July 1944, two local girls named Kitty Case and Shirley Druce assisted two German soldiers escape from the Owosso prisoner of war camp. The four spent the night in the woods near Colby Lake in Woodhull Township before they were caught by the Sheriff's Department and Michigan State Police the following morning. Nethaway, Druce's daughter-in-law, said Druce felt great shame about the incident, which led her to move to California after she finished serving her prison time.

Nethaway speculates that neither Druce nor Case initially knew the impact of their actions because socialization with the prisoners was so common during that time. The magazine also made the claim that the girls helped the two prisoners escape because they were enamored with the men. While officially the local people were not supposed to fraternize with the prisoners, many of the farmers would feed them lunch, and some remained friends even after the war ended. In January 1945, the two girls were found guilty of conspiracy - with Case receiving one year and three months in prison and Druce getting one year and a day.

The article said, "Nazi prisoners and women canners had met in frequent, small-hour drinking parties. Of that money, 80 cents per day was given to the prisoners in canteen checks while the rest (about 52 cents per hour) went to the federal government to maintain the camp.

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