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If you’ve read my list of the “Worst” auto insurance companies for 2015, you can surely see that insurance company abuse is rampant in this state.
We need some serious action now to regulate how the auto insurance companies treat people who have been seriously injured in automobile accidents in Michigan.
Our full guide includes more information on each insurer and tips on how to choose the insurance company that’s right for you and your family. Below, I will outline more about the reasons there’s so much more fraud and abuse from car insurance companies in Michigan than in other states across the country. Bad faith laws are laws that prohibit insurance companies from treating you unfairly and illegally. Punitive damages are additional damages that a judge or jury can award when an insurance company acts with recklessness, malice or deceit.

Consumer protection laws are supposed prevent businesses from engaging in fraud or certain unfair practices and to protect consumers in the marketplace. Unfortunately, this means nothing in Michigan, where our Republican Supreme Court ruled that the Michigan Consumer Protection Act cannot be used to protect people against auto insurance companies. The result is that once again, Michigan insurance company claims adjusters can treat people terribly and largely can get away with it. Michigan insurance companies already lead the nation in profitability, and Michigan is one of the few states without an insurance commissioner who can regulate how much profit these insurance companies can make; even though as residents, we are all required by law to purchase No Fault insurance.
We have no punitive damages to punish insurance companies when serious harm is caused by insurance company bad faith. Michigan law does not allow judges or juries to award punitive damages in car accident cases, or any personal injury lawsuits for that matter.

Michigan does not have some of the most basic protections against insurance company abuses and bad faith that exists in most other states.
And we even had protections that once existed – such as under the Michigan Consumer Protection Act, dismantled by a Supreme Court friendly to the insurance industry.

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