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In a chilling tone, he threatened terrible violence if she didn't meet his demands."The next time you hear from your husband, he will be screaming," Melillo said. Melillo had suffered a few hundred thousand dollars worth of losses in illegal high-stakes poker games that Melillo came to believe the man had rigged.After Melillo spoke to the victim's "wife", his next call was to "Dave," a man he thought was hired muscle with organized crime connections who had pulled off the kidnapping on his behalf. Hurley said he was disturbed by Melillo's plan to commit a "brutal kidnapping" and bewildered by the lack of explanation for why a man who was once a New Jersey lawyer and lived for 50 years without running afoul of the law could "go completely off the deep end in such a terrible way."More than two dozen friends and relatives wrote to the judge on Melillo's behalf, saying they could not comprehend how the good man they knew did what he admitted doing.

Melillo said his motives were revenge and the desire to get money back that he felt he was owed."This was not a crime of impulse," the judge said.
He also accused authorities of entrapping him into committing a worse crime.Law enforcement had in no way entrapped Melillo, the judge said after listening to the excerpts of the tapes. Kaimacliotis pleaded guilty to his role and is serving a little more than 10 years in prison.The FBI was tipped off after Melillo confided in his girlfriend.

She introduced him to her friend "Mario" an older gentleman who had ties to Russian mobsters, Melillo claimed.

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