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Michael Lemay, who served as Sheriff Guy Desjardins’ chief deputy, worked his last day Monday in that post.
Both men acknowledged they had a meeting that day and talked about a personal issue concerning Lemay’s family member and how Lemay was handling that situation. Desjardins said he told Lemay he’d have to change his behavior or leave and Lemay decided to leave.
At least one police officer from another department complained to the sheriff that Lemay tried to interfere as his family member was being questioned during a traffic stop, and that the former deputy sheriff left late-night messages for court officials and prosecutors regarding unrelated charges against that same family member.
Neither Desjardins nor Lemay would discuss the specifics of those accusations, but Lemay acknowledged that he did appear at this family member’s traffic stop, although he said he never intervened in the situation. After the traffic stop, that officer reported his discomfort with the situation to his supervisor, a concern that was then relayed to Desjardins, who brought his own concerns of the report of this incident, among other things, to Lemay’s attention.

Lemay said the disagreement stemmed from an email sent to Desjardins regarding his behavior at the traffic stop.
Desjardins felt the family issue might have interfered with the running of the department, though it hadn’t yet, Lemay said. Lemay denied that he ever interfered with a law enforcement officer’s handling of the traffic stop.
Desjardins said he was sorry to see Lemay go, praising his handling of his day-to-day duties on the job. A veteran Auburn police officer, Lemay became Androscoggin County’s third chief deputy in three years.
After almost 29 years as an Auburn police officer, Lemay was able to retire as a lieutenant and collect his pension, making the lower pay more palatable.

Lemay, who is originally from Old Orchard Beach, spent three years with the Portland Police Department before coming to Auburn in 1981. Desjardins said he would take a couple of weeks before embarking on a quest for Lemay’s replacement.
Lemay declined to provide details, but said the choice he was given was really no choice at all, forcing him out of the job.

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