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1)      You’re not going to find your soul mate by being a bitter pissed off person all the time, going on unwarranted rants online and being generally unkind and rude to others just because you want to come off as strong and invincible. 4)      You’re not going to find your soul mate by creating all these preposterous credentials you require in a partner before you would even consider dating them like, religion, social status, bank account, height.
5)      You’re not going to find your soul mate by seeking your parent’s approval because no one is truly good enough for you. 6)      You’re not going to find your soul mate because you can’t afford to throw a wedding extravaganza and don’t think anyone will settle for anything less. December 5, 2012 - 5 Comments Some people take longer than others to find their soul mates.

She’s back at it again now in search of the next sucker she will make her pretend boyfriend. Wyatt is a wonderful and magical story. A psychic tells Nina that her soul mate has passed her by several times and urges her to not let that happen again.
It has eluded her until a mysterious fortuneteller, Helena, reveals she’s already met her soul mate. I’m just trying to say that maybe you haven’t found your soul mate because maybe just maybe you’ve inadvertently done everything not to be found.
The idea for the novel started with Nina visiting a fortuneteller who tells her that she’s already met her soul mate.

A sense of urgency is there, but Nina can’t just go up to men and ask if they’re her soul mate.

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