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Although arranged marriages seem to bring out the idea of sanctity and exhibit piety, it is a largely misunderstood concept that relationships such as those might be successful. ISLAMABAD – Marriage is a universal practice in which a bond is formed between two individuals that is social, emotional, cultural, physical, and religious in nature. Several factors are considered in choosing close or distant relations to form this union. ‘Consanguinity’, the term for cousin marriage (CM) or inter-familial marriages between close relatives, is derived from the Latin words, con “shared” and sanguis  “blood”.
Secondly, financial issues, marriage arrangements are made easier to handle, and property is retained in the family.
Additionally, marrying in kin is also considered a part of faith in some religions found in Pakistan.
While most people in Pakistan don’t opt to make this choice themselves and in a large percentage of them, especially for girls, they aren’t even aware that the choices might have already been made for them. Relationships that are categorized as arranged marriages are a fundamental concept of society where illiteracy and dogmatism have taken over the minds of our people. With the growing trend of female education there has been a recent decrease in the rate of arranged marriages however, while the former seemed to show a steady rate of success, the latter comes with vehemently shaking consequences since parents in the latter sort of marriages don’t take responsibility for the outcomes of their children’s mistakes as they took no credit for the decision making in the first place.

While arranged marriages were the way society went a few years ago, the trend of love marriages is slowly taking over.
The practice is prevalent in South Asia and Middle East countries with rates exceeding 40% of all marriages.
Hafeez (2014) reported that around 82.5% Pakistani parents are blood relatives from first, second or third generations. A study reported that Pakistani respondents did not accept the connection between CM and poor birth outcomes. All these factors leading to CM can be found in Pakistan and affect the health of the progeny of a CM couple. It is part of the Government's attempt to smash Labour's doctrine of multiculturalism, which ministers argue meant unacceptable practices such as forced marriage were not tackled effectively. In Pakistan CM is generally observed in extended families, people of low socioeconomic status, rural background, and low levels of parental education. As Shaw (2014) found, Pakistani families who lived in UK used CM to help their relatives to enjoy the benefits of education, occupation and good living standards because they were committed to their kin living in Pakistan.

She is a British Pakistani journalist who is now days hosting her current affairs show on Aaj TV. In Pakistani culture CM is common, legal and even a respectable practice due to socio-cultural and economic reasons. Right after she joined the Pakistani media, Reham faced mixed response from the Pakistani audience and has been a point of discussion in the Pakistani media. People are trapped in loveless marriages for a long, long, long time,' she said.'There is often no relationship and they live as strangers in the same home. Either it is her bold look or bold way of dressing or be it some marriage proposal by a Pakistani politician, Reham Khan is indeed someone who can be called beauty with brains and is a fresh addition to the Pakistani journalism.
This is not acceptable.' The new law will seek to draw a clear distinction between arranged and forced marriage.

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