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After the completion of the marriage by banns or by license the marriage might be registered with the Registrar General creating two more types of marriage records. Registers - copies of entries made at the time of the marriage; if married in a church the minister would record the marriage in the church register and at the end of the year would make a copy of all marriage entries for the government. The last type of marriage record would be the church Register recorded by the church at which a couple was married. In 1793 the Lieutenant-Governor approved a marriage bill (The Marriage Act of 1793) allowing military officers and magistrates (and later Justices of the Peace) to perform marriages if the marrying couple lived more than 18 miles from an Anglican minister and if the district in which they lived had less than five Anglican clergymen. To find your ancestor's marriage record take the time to get familiar with their circumstances. If your ancestor married prior to the year in which their religion was able to perform legal marriages look first to the Anglican church for a record of marriage, and if not found look to the records of the church located nearest to your ancestor.

Catholic: Not permitted to perform marriages until 1798, but even then the marriages were not recognized under the law until 1847. Under privacy laws all marriages registered within the past 82 years remain in the custody of the Office of the Registrar General. If the marriage is not in the original index book the marriage was either not registered or did not take place in Ontario. If you have an Ontario marriage record that is different from these examples, please consider sending it in to be included as an example.
1793-1858 District Marriage Registers have been published in book form (The Ontario Register - see books below) and have been microfilmed.
1858-1869 County Marriage Registers are available in book form and on CD-ROM (see books below) and have also been microfilmed.

Each year, usually in May or June, the Archives of Ontario releases the marriage registrations of marriages that occurred 82 years ago. By 1900 the laws had become more tolerant and any religious marriage was legally recognized.
Entries were made in the registers if a couple paid a fee to have a copy of their marriage certificate entered.
In 1869 The Vital Statistics Act was passed requiring all births, marriages & deaths to be registered with the provincial government*.

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