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By taking the Ancestry Academy Course Native American Ancestry: Steps to Learn More, you will find help with the starting steps and the importance of family information, tribal history, tribal location, changes in the tribes themselves, censuses, annuity and allotment rolls, church and military records and other important details. That phrase refers to a roll and associated records compiled to document ancestry in the Five Civilized Tribes. Various records such as census, probate, military, birth, marriage, death, obituaries, and others are parts of that trail.

Combine these with other records of your paper trail to show the whole story of your ancestry. Don’t just rely on indexes or someone’s abstract of a record as they might have made a mistake. Then we move to other records such as church, missionary, land, tax, general store ledgers, county probates, diaries, journals,  correspondence from people in the community, and other sources to find clues.

No matter the document, the information needs to be verified and the full story built from many records.

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