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As the video game medium continues to mature and diversify, so too has it become an increasingly progressive and LGBT-inclusive one with a growing influence on culture and increasingly mainstream audience.  2012 turned out to be quite an interesting year in regards to LGBT representation and video games, from the communities that exist around them, to the companies that produce them, and into games themselves. Marriage equality won big in Maine, Maryland, and Washington, and an anti-marriage equality constitutional amendment was defeated in Minnesota. The process of getting a marriage license, according to Beckett, will be the same for all couples regardless of sexual orientation, though the form has been changed slightly. Following is a list of Knox and Waldo County towns and the earliest date that same-sex couples can get a marriage license at their town office.

Each state campaign included a faith director, and in many instances, national LGBT religious organizations dedicated resources and staff efforts to ensure marriage equality. The playbook for marriage equality has been re-written with religious voices leading the way. The Roman Catholic hierarchy poured tremendous money and energy into opposing LGBT equality, particularly in Maine, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota.
Town Clerk Cynthia Abbott said town officials would have done marriage licenses by appointment but as of an hour before closing at 2 p.m.

Even as we close out the year, over 260 faith leaders in Illinois are making public their support for marriage equality.
However, despite the pressure from Roman Catholic hierarchy, Catholic political leaders passed marriage equality legislation and Catholic people voted overwhelmingly for LGBT equality.

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