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A few weeks ago, Sparky and I ducked out for a few hours on a Monday to head down to the county administration building so we could submit all of our paperwork (and $64) in order to get our marriage license.
Once our paperwork was finished, we went back up to the counter and had to swear that the information was correct and that we were both consenting adults. This is to certify, that the undersigned, a (insert credential of your officiant) by authority of a marriage license bearing the date (fifth) day of (August) A.D.
In 1866, the Legislative Assembly of the Washington Territory passed the Act to Regulate Marriages, citing the need for marriage license recordkeeping. Marriage licenses themselves were customarily retained by the ceremony officiator and therefore will not generally be held by county agencies. Originally, there was no limitation on how long a couple could wait to marry after receiving a marriage license. We went up to that counter, answered some demographic questions, showed our IDs, and received some paperwork to fill out (one sheet). I’m not sure how similar it is to other marriage certificates, but I thought it might be helpful to you all to see my best guess as to how to fill it out.

In Washington, there is a three-day waiting period and then the license is good for 60 days, so we are all set for our wedding!
By law, the County Auditor retained a ledger record of pertinent information from the license (license issue date and number) (Marriage License Register). The King County Archives does retain a very small number of early marriage licenses in its collections (Marriage Licenses). As a result, there are isolated cases of couples waiting as long as 17 years to marry after license issuance.
It is not known why the licenses were in the county’s custody, since by law they should have been retained by the officiator. The volumes from 1866-1889 have self-contained indexes and the volumes from 1889-1917 can be accessed using the Indexes to Marriage Licenses (below). Entries from 1889 to 1917 additionally include the volume and page number of the Marriage License Register.
20(13) at the hour of (5:00pm) in the County of (King), State of Washington, join in lawful wedlock (Sparky Campfire) of (Saint Louis, Missouri) and (Miss Campfire) of (Seattle, Washington) with their mutual assent in the presence of (Best Man Biscuits) and (Maid of Honor Tart) witnesses.

The licenses were issued by the County Auditor from 1866 until 1969 and by the Recorder’s Office since 1969.
After 1917, the license recordkeeping consisted of recording the license numbers and issue dates in volumes indexed semi-alphabetically (Indexes to Marriage License). Entries from 1917 to 1978 include the license number instead of the volume and page number. Entries after 1946 also include the date of the marriage and also serve as a certificate index.

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