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The former cabinet minister said Mark MacGregor, 44, was not a good influence on the Conservative party and he would not go out and campaign for him. As party chairman Lord Tebbit disbanded the Federation of Conservative Students, which Mr MacGregor ran. In a dispute which pitted Tory traditionalists against modernisers, Lord Tebbit criticised Mr MacGregor as one of the "spotty youths" who were trying to make the Tories more socially inclusive.

Mr MacGregor also stood for election in the Thanet South constituency in the 2001 general election. But when his customers are approached by rivals offering a similar service for half the price, MacGregor is left having to justify his fee. After London University, where he read psychology, law and economics, Jonathan Choat joined Lever Brothers and embarked on a career of eting and sales management including  for Texaco, Lyons Foods Division, Burmah Oil , marketing director in two major advertising agencies and his own et research and new product development company.

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