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This index encompasses most of the records transferred to the Indiana State Archives during the early 1960s by the Marion County Clerk. While not all of the Marion County Court documents have survived, Marion County court order books and complete record books are available at the State Archives for further research.
The Marion County Court records were indexed by Indiana State Archives volunteer Mary Etta Boren, who began working on the project in 2005.

The Marion County Court Records Index includes information on nearly 130,000 court records created between 1822 and 1930. It includes the first session of the Marion County Circuit Court in 1822, the 1829 establishment of a probate court, the courts of common pleas, and the 1871 establishment of the Superior Court of Marion County. Friends of the Indiana State Archives volunteers have been hard at work for nearly two decades creating indices for many of the state's records.

The Digital Archives enables Hoosiers and people worldwide to view the vast collection of historical and vital records housed at the Indiana State Archives.

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