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MARCH 14--The “American Idol” contestant expected to be booted from the show tonight is the subject of five outstanding arrest warrants in New Jersey, The Smoking Gun has learned. Jones's first arrest in 2011 came in March, when he provided a cop with the false name "Joel Jones" to "avoid being apprehended on outstanding warrants for his arrest," according to a criminal complaint. Watkins" in "an attempt to avoid arrest for numerous outstanding warrants for his arrest," according to a Municipal Court criminal complaint.

Knox County Sheriff's Office said Demmons has created many trails on the woods and deputies were unable to find him.Knox County Sheriff's Office said Demmons, has 12 active warrants for arrest for out of Penobscot County in Bangor. Officials said the warrants include Failure to Pay Fines regarding Operating Under The Influence, Operating After Suspension, Refusing to Submit to Arrest, Violation Conditions of Release and Criminal Threatening.

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