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Susan Chapman (left) and Thea Mars said they had hoped to have their upcoming marriage recognized in Louisiana.
Following a string of federal court victories, the same-sex marriage movement was dealt a major setback Sept.
Feldman noted at the outset of his 32-page opinion that the case presented a "passionately charged national issue." Later in the ruling, he said the national debate over same-sex marriage "animates a clash between convictions regarding the value of state decisions reached by way of the democratic process as contrasted with personal, genuine and sincere lifestyle choices recognition.

Supreme Court, depending on how (and when) the High Court rules on pending same-sex marriage cases that are farther along in the judicial pipeline. Caldwell means Louisiana can continue to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages solemnized in other states. In the Windsor case, the High Court held that DOMA violated the Equal Protection and Due Process clauses — and that it interfered with New York state's sovereign authority to define marriage within its borders.

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