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That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to LinkedIn Lookup — a new LinkedIn app that makes professionals more productive and successful by helping them easily find, learn about, and contact their coworkers. I click on Julie’s profile and Lookup gives me the info that is most relevant to me: her photo, title, work experience, education, top skills, and work email address.
Lookup users can message coworkers, even if they haven’t downloaded Lookup, and messages sent to coworkers’ LinkedIn inboxes via Lookup don’t count against the number of InMails members get each month. This simplifies the way to enter lookup values in a textbox.I have used GridView to return lookup values for FormView control. Lookups are used in Axapta to show the user a list of possible values from which to select, whilst entering data into a control on a form.
Axapta has extensive support for automatic lookups, as well as the capability to manual enhance or replace the automatic system. The standard lookup system in Axapta is based on the use of table field or data type relations. It is possible to further restrict the values which will appear in the lookup by specifying a "Related fixed field" relations on the datatype. Axapta uses a simple system to determine which fields to display in an automatically created lookup. To see this logic, look at the standard ItemId lookup (for example, from a newly-created sales line) in the standard application. In general, it wouldn't be advisable to change either the TitleField properties, or the indexes, purely to change what is displayed on a lookup form. Axapta provides a mechanism whereby we can create a standard lookup form programmatically, to easily allow us to perform a custom lookup using a query which is too complicated for the relations system to express, or where the requirement is unique and we do not wish to set up relations, which will have a global effect.

It is possible to create an entirely new form, following certain guidelines, and use it as a lookup.
Lookup, a messaging app connecting local merchants with customers, has raised Seed A funding from three investors for a total of $382,000. Apart from the $160,000 seed funding by Kris, Lookup raised another $100,000 from MKS Switzerland, MA. Lookup offers a Whatsapp-like interface enabling users to discover and reach out to merchants in their vicinity. What differentiates Lookup from other messaging apps is that it helps users protect their privacy, says Deepak. With Lookup, the messages are routed through its customer care centre and the messages are managed by them. Other than local businesses, Lookup is also running a test pilot with one police station in the Koramangala in Bengaluru to connect local citizens in the neighbourhood to the police.
Lookup expects this to help in women security as well as make it easier to report crimes as users can share photos through the app. With the increasing trend of mobile becoming the main mode of communication and information for Indian users, apps such as Lookup have the potential to become what Justdial was to the internet era. Still, the entry barriers for such products are relatively low, and it now remains to be seen how Lookup will leverage its first mover advantage to maintain its lead even in the face of competition. Bengaluru-based Lookup, a messaging app that connects shoppers with local businesses, has raised USD 2.5 million in Series A funding.
Deepak Ravindran of Innoz fame (see our 2008 story) began his new innings with launching Lookup last year.

Clicking the reference lookup icon ( in UI15) displays a list of records on the referenced table in a pop-up window. The reference lookup can be rendered in the tree picker format by modifying the dictionary and adding the attribute tree_picker.
If you’re one of the many professionals out there struggling to learn more about your coworkers, check out Lookup! These two lookup pages work for main page default.aspx page which has FormView control that is used for inserting and editing the Products table. Riding on the messaging wave, Lookup is a chat application that is trying to disrupt local commerce. With Lookup I can search for coworkers by name, title, current and past experience, education, and skills.
Lookup also gives me Julie’s mobile number, since she has added her contact preferences to Lookup. Contact preferences that members add to Lookup are only visible to coworkers using the app, and don’t appear on their public LinkedIn profiles.

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