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How many times were you working with Lookup Fields and just when you were about to pick a value, you found out that it’s not there.
Before we focus on what I’ve done to improve the Lookup Fields experience, let’s a have a look at some standard approaches. As you know SharePoint ships with Lookup Fields and Multi Lookup Fields which allow you to select multiple values. The very first requirement that I defined was that the solution would have to work with the standard SharePoint Lookup Fields: both single and multiple choice. While I could include the “Add new item” link in the solution itself I though that it would be better if it was possible to define the text for every Lookup Field separately. Depending on your scenario the items in the Lookup List might consist of only the Title, but they might be more complex as well. The most challenging part was how to complete all the different requirements while working with nothing more than standard SharePoint Lookup Fields. Before you start extending your Lookup Fields with “Add new item” links, you have to activate the Imtech Extended Lookup Fields Feature. The last parameter – CT is optional and allows you to provide the ID of the Content Type that you want to use to add new item to the Lookup List. I created some javascript code that uses spservices to allow you to add a new item to a lookup list.

This simplifies the way to enter lookup values in a textbox.I have used GridView to return lookup values for FormView control.
A must-have if you're doing e-mailings: allows you to quickly identify contacts with a bad e-mail address or contacts who opted out of your mailing list. Microsoft’s reverse lookup offers: 1 Click Directions, Add to collection, Send to Email, Mobile and GPS and Reviews. A reverse lookup for Yahoo’s telephone number in Yahoo produces two results both of which are Yahoo locations. You would inherit from the SharePoint Lookup Field and extend it with an “Add new item” link. As every Lookup Field can retrieve data from a different List the solution should make it possible to define the target List for the “Add new item” link. Like this you could add an “Add new Category” link to a Lookup Field that allows you to pick a Category instead of a standard “Add new item” link. Depending on your scenario you can activate adding the links either for a particular Site or a whole Site Collection. When you return to the edit form the data already entered is still there and it also updates the lookup field with the value you just added to the lookup list.
But it does require the lookup list to consist of only the title column, since the user will not have the option of filling in the other fields.

These two lookup pages work for main page default.aspx page which has FormView control that is used for inserting and editing the Products table. What you could do is to subclass the List Iterator and extend it with some extra functionality which would add an “Add new item” link to every Lookup Field.
Additionally if the Lookup List contains items of multiple Content Types the solution should allow you to define which Content Type you want to use while adding new item. After you activated one of the two Features you can proceed to configuring your Lookup Fields.
Either type in the email addresses directly or import them from a text file (one email per line) and click the Create Lookup button.
You could of course create a whole new Custom Field Type which would contain an “Add new item” link, but there is an easier way to get this done. While adding a simple “Add new item” link to a Lookup Field sounds easy, it isn’t – at least unless you get out of the development box.

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