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Even before the remorse of the sad incident could settle, an ugly verbal spat between Housing CEO, Rahul Yadav and Sequoia partner, Shailendra Singh broke out in public.
As a response, Shailendra Singh posted the mail on social media site Quora- “During this recruiting exercise, we evaluated over 100 candidates from multiple companies and geographies, and I personally met about a dozen of them, including two housing employees, whom I spent an hour each with. YourStory spoke to CMO Pratik Seal and CFO Azeem Zainulbhai of Housing to understand the strategy behind such an exercise.
Summed up in two words ‘Look Up’, Housing’s new logo is shaped like an upward arrow, with sharp outer edges that direct towards the future, while the softer edges symbolize a nurturing shelter. To launch this new brand identity, Housing partnered with Moving Brands, a global creative company in March 2014. The two companies had workshop sessions and many conversations to understand what Housing was looking for and to get to the heart of the matter. Slowly, the more they talked about, the more they realised the true ingredients of Housing’s identity and backstory. The goal was to distil Housing’s brand behaviours and values into a simple, memorable and powerful expression for themselves and their consumers. Housing has promoted their brand re-launch across social media channels through Youtube and twitter promotions.
Housing came at a time when consumers were dealing with many challenges while buying or renting a house.
With the re-branding complete, Housing now plans to map 24 lakh houses in all metro cities and bring properties to 10,000 towns and villages. After their recent re-branding and new logo, Housing has acquired Indian Real Estate Forum (IREF) forum for INR 8 crores (source).

Months of prolonged attention-seeking saga of Housing’s Co-founder and CEO, Rahul Yadav, has ultimately come to an end as the board decided to oust him from the company. In its new avatar, Housing’s new vibrant colour palette in the new logo and wordmark is based on four key brand colours that make life look brighter and embody the spirit of optimism. Online property portal Housing has named its chief operating officer Rishabh Gupta as interim CEO a week after co-founder Rahul Yadav was fired from the post.
A former Flipkart employee, Gupta has apparently been running Housing for the past few months in the midst of the turmoil created by the battle between Rahul Yadav and Housing’s investors. Going forward, the company will look to mitigate the damage that’s been done and tackle issues such as being hacked in protest of Rahul Yadav’s departure.
Recently, in a fatal car accident, two of Housing employees, Siddharth Bhandari and Nilesh Wani were killed.
It was with the objective of helping consumers overcome these hurdles that Housing created a map-based platform with 100% verified listings and real photos.
In short, we Out See, Out Think and Out Do for our customers so that they can look up to us and to a better life.
You may find him at startup events, sticking his nose in other people's business, looking for his 'next big scoop'.
Christened as Housing Pink, Yellow, Purple and Green, the new brand colours play a key role in the new identity, personifying Housing as optimistic, game-changing and uncompromising.

Housing plans to map 24 lakh houses in all metro cities and bring properties to 10,000 towns and villages.The company promises that this is not all.
Would do good for housing guys to remember that they too were in Vidit’s position not too long back. Housing’s co founder, Advitya Sharma who was responsible for the accident was reportedly arrested for negligent driving. Housing has now come out with a new logo and has redesigned its website and mobile app and is planning to go global.
The new brand colors play a key role in the new identity, personifying Housing as optimistic, game-changing and uncompromising along with making life look brighter and embody the spirit of optimism! Look Up is the spirit that drives us to out see, out think & out do to make everything 10x better for everyone.

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