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Our telephone specialist has been specialising in telephones since 1972, bringing over 40 years of experience and dedication to the location, renovation and selling of old and vintage phones.
We have sourced this number to save you time searching over the internet for the Talktalk Telephone Number.
We are happy therefore to recommend these to anyone looking for a vintage-style phone with modern phone functionality. Virtually any phone can be made to work in any country and we will supply your phone with the correct plug for your telephone socket.

While our main business is the restoration of original telephones, we felt that this reproduction telephone is worth a mention. Telephones have proven an excellent and functional investment over the years, and, for example, the last dial phones used in Britain (the 700 series) are now also beginning to appreciate rapidly.
This telephone looks similar to the original 700 series phones, and it even has a mechanical bell ringer. Being a touch-tone phone (you hear a beep when you press a number), this phone is compatible with all network services (eg, "press 1 for customer service" etc).

This telephone will work in any country and, if you specify a delivery address outside of the UK, we will automatically fit the correct plug for your country's telephone network (UK customers are supplied with a BT plug as standard).

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