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The IP (Internet Protocol, see The IP: The housenumber of your Computer for more information) address is a unique device identifier. IPNetInfo is a lightweight portable software for Windows to look-up IP address information. The program displays a white text form on first startup that you can use to add IP addresses.
The program will automatically resolve IP addresses and convert host names to IP addresses for instance. The information here resemble the whois look-ups on certain Internet sites, where information about a domain name or IP address can be obtained for free.
Another interesting option is located under Help > Show my current IP, which loads a web page where the current IP address of the computer is displayed.

I noticed you masked the last two octets of an IP address in the first screen grab - but the adress appears unmasked in the second screen grab. Every website on the Internet has an IP address associated with it, as does every computer that is used to connect to the Internet. Say you receive spam emails from a particular address all the time, or want to find out more about a person who stalks you, or are a webmaster who wants to find out who tries to brute force their server.
It is possible to add IP addresses or hostnames manually, or paste them in from the Clipboard. You can furthermore add a pause between look-ups which may be appropriate if you have added dozens, hundreds or even more IP addresses. It is possible to create an HTML report of the look-ups, or save the information to text or xml files.

Computer users rarely come in contact with IP addresses, unless they analyze traffic, need to configure their router to configure rules or try to find out as much about a spammer as they can. Core information, like the IP address and host name, country of origin, phone number or abuse email are displayed directly in each row.

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