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Score:79% Creating a Google Maps client on a modern Windows Phone faces a number of problems.
Available for free, of course, since the source maps are effectively free via Google's (and, as it turns out, Nokia's and Microsoft's) APIs, 'Google Maps' here does add the occasional banner ad, sometimes also asking for donations to keep development going for Windows Phone. It's worth stating up front that 'Google Maps' takes no prisoners when it comes to sourcing its data. The idea, obviously, behind using your own offline maps wherever possible (and indeed there's a shortcut to this function in HERE Maps on the Google Maps menu!) is that it can save you a lot of data when accessing this system while mobile. The speed of 'Google Maps' isn't quite there, if you've tried the real thing on a modern Android device - the displays frequently flash with overlay updates and it can take several seconds for a particular view to be fully composed if you have several layers turned on, but be restrained about what you ask for and it's still very useable.
Using StreetView to locate and find the name of a business I vaguely new was at a particular location.
But it's churlish to complain too much - this is a completely free (aside from any donations you might supply!) application that brings you most of the functionality of Google Maps on Android in an interface that makes sense on Windows Phone - and manages to integrate with the excellent HERE Maps where needed as well. Very unselfishly, Google Maps spawns out to Waze or HERE Maps, as needed, for example here passing my destination and start position over to Nokia's built-in navigation system.

The StreetView imagery and 3D building models are Google's, the map itself is Nokia's - impossible to see the joins! Although not yet perfect, this is still very much a recommended install, whether it's for emergency look-ups of things that HERE Maps can't find, whether it's to browse through Google's social treasure trove of real world reviews, or whether it's because you like having StreetView at your fingertips.
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Firstly, Google will have nothing to do with it, so everything has to be sourced by public APIs. In fact, there are several apps of this name in the Windows Phone Store (insert my usual rant against Microsoft QA), so make sure you grab the right one. By default it uses the offline maps (from HERE) that you may already have on your device, even while searching Google Maps' POI database and presenting Google Traffic and StreetView data. If using this hybrid approach upsets you then it's easy to pick the map source you want from the settings menu.
Interestingly, there's a voice input option, but this isn't Google's rather splendid Maps voice recognition system - it's the standard Microsoft one and does a pretty awful job of transcribing place names.

This latter proves invaluable as a way of quickly switching map source and turning on and off layers like traffic and transit, as needed. The StreetView presentation is the slowest aspect of 'Google Maps' here by far, in that swivelling the viewpoint and generally moving around can be frustratingly slow and jerky.
On the right, here, the map is centred around an accident on the M4 motorway, yet all the pane wants to tell me about are scheduled roadworks. Secondly, most phones will already have HERE Maps pre-installed, often with full offline country maps, making the online Google Maps slower and less convenient. This is perhaps the best of the breed and recently had a big update, so high time for 'Google Maps' (sic) to get the review treatment here.
It's a sign of the maturity of the mapping market in most countries that the various alternatives all 'line up' this accurately, such that you can overlay one data set on the other without worrying about jarring mismatches.

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