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The LG Arena is a communication centric device whereas the Samsung Pixon is a more camera focused mobile phone.
The Samsung Pixon is suitable for tech savvy entertainment hungry buyers whereas the LG Arena serves as a great phone for professionals as well as the urban youth.
Share of design aside, as we known, the samsung impression and samsung mythic are cool quick message phones for AT&T. Really, the samsung flight is plain and boring , it  looks really ugly with the slide up keypad. And for the price, you can’t get a touch screen phone with a full keyboard that is better and easier to use!
Both phones have Bluetooth connectivity for wireless listening and USB ports for connecting to other devices. The Samsung Pixon has high speed 3G and HSDPA for speedy internet connectivity but it does not have Wi Fi facility. Well i have gotten both phones and i can defintely tell you the samsung eternity doesn’t freeze for me. Though both devices are quick message phones support for a touchscreen and a full qwerty keypad, while the LG Xenon is really stylish and highly functional, It has a good looks, especially a side-slider design, which makes the xenon looks a small PDA. I would like to know the quality of the phone, because everyone has a different opinion when it comes to looks!!!!!

All you basically said is that because the iphone is more popular, you think it is better so you think you can rip on the other phones so it makes the iphone sound good. The only thing that’s really different about the samsung is the navigation, keyboard, and menu.
However, the phone’s keyboard error press correction feature is fairly accurate so it compensates for large fingered people, and its battery is excellent.
Frankly, the lg xenon is not a very good phone, many users say the lg xenon phone has more problems . We went in with our hearts set on getting iphones and my daughter and I changed our minds after comparing the phones!
In share of design, I think the samsung Impression and Samsung mythic are popular with everyone, as both of them have a suitable size. While both phones also freeze sometimes when you control too quickly on their touchscreen or keypad, but the mythic’s touch screen is actually easier  to get used to. The samsung impression is a pretty nice phone, though it is said it has a little problem with the touch screen, but very minimal, which doesn’t  impair its use. The iPhone is a good phone, but working with these phones and experiencing issues personally, I have seen that there are issues which I would rather not deal with, which is why I sold my iPhone.
We ended up getting our Impression phones for $149 after a $50 mail in rebate on a buy one get one free promotion from AT&T!!

I have seldom had any concerns from people, even regarding the touchscreen, on the Samsung Impression.
We spent 2 hours comparing every single phone that they had to offer and the choice was clear, and we have been very pleased with our Samsung Impression phones! The resolution of the display in LG Arena is WVGA 480X 800 pixels which is higher than that of the Samsung Pixon (WQVGA, 240X 400 pixels). The 8 Mega Pixel camera of the Samsung Pixon on the other hand is loaded with oodles of high tech aspects like face detection, 13 Scenes, Smile shot, Macro, Panorama, effects, white balance, fast focus, instant picture saving ability and ISO adjustments.
The iPhone cannot be unlocked for use of an international carriers SIM, at least not without voiding the warranty, the Samsung Impression can. So for myself, I chose the Samsung Impression after making a horrible mistake of going through three iPhones, two of which had the same issue within two weeks and the third that came out of the box and wouldn’t power on. The Impression is a wonderful phone, I have had no issues out of it whatsoever and I have advised all of my friends of what a great phone this is.

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